Belt scale, wayfeeder, scale and all kinds of industrial weighing system

Parsmavazin is proud that with more than 35 years of extensive and continuous activity in the field of production and installation of conveyor belt weighing system (belt scale), wayfeeder and all kinds of scales and other industrial weighing systems It is one of the famous names in the weighing industry.
Manufacturing, installation and commissioning, providing solutions and consulting are among the things that Parsmavazin company provides to customers with the help of its experienced experts.

Industrial scale

Parsmavazin is one of the top producers of road scales, truck scales, truck scales and other scales with different capacities.
Accurate weighing requires a load cell and a very high precision display, so Parsmavazin has tried to use the best and most up-to-date load cells in this industry in line with the world's modern science. .

The first electronic scale in Iran

Exclusive representative of the company (EHP), German Waagen Pfister, Italian Bilanciai and French Persia Moulin.

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